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Sep 2022 - Starbuck's Mystery School Podcast w/Lowell Johnson - LISTEN  or  WATCH

Nov 2021 - Your Divine Uniqueness Show w/Moncef Afkir - WATCH

Apr 2020 - Debra Moffitt - WATCH

Accelerate Your Awakening

Holistic Healing

Cacao Plant Medicine - 
A Heart Opener

Pathika Tribe Shop (Ceremonial-grade organic cacao from Guatemala sold through an American reseller.  Choose either Ruk'u'x' Ulew or Cacao Source (which has 3 additional varieties to choose from). Cacao is the raw, unrefined bean that is used to make chocolate, and it is a beautiful heart-opener that works lovingly and gently.  Using Cacao in ceremony has been instrumental in my own healing since 2019.    

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