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Deya Dova  (Planetary Grid Music)

The Healing Place (CE5 Events, Spirit Photography, Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Readings, GeoDome)

Jennifer Lynn Originals  (Visionary Art: Hand-Painted, Acrylic and Blessed)

Jennifer Lynn/Through Shamans' Eyes  (Intuitive Readings, Shamanic Healing, Spiritual Mentoring)

Judy Satori (, Channelings, Courses, Events)

Luminous Lotus Boutique (Clothes & Art to Spread Messages of Peace, Love & Unity)

Mathias De Stefano & Arsayian Foundation (Projects: YOSOY/I AM, SOMOS/WE ARE)

Music Is Divine (High-vibrational channeled music - YouTube Channel)

Orin and DaBen (Guided Meditations, Channeled Music, Light-Body Activations, Courses)

Patricia Cota-Robles / Era of  (Weekly Updates, Guided Activities of Light, Events)

Yvonne Perry / We Are 1 in (Light Language, Celestial Shamanism, Books, Healing Center)

What Is Light Language?

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