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Sacred Earth

Since 2019 Spirit has guided me around the world.  On the Summer Solstice 2022, I was asked to travel extensively over the next two years (2022-2024) as a conduit for the Higher Realms to assist in the liberation of Earth.  This Sacred Work supports All Life of Earth and includes clearing trauma imprints from the land, liberating kundalini energy held within the mountain ranges, stabilizing tectonic plates and fault lines, uplifting grids and ley lines, unlocking and activating energies of Higher Consciousness seeded at sacred sites and other locations, portal work, crossing over souls and more.

This is a (partial) listing of the locations traveled since 2022 that have a corresponding blog post and pictures. 

We are all asked to do this Work... and it can be done in your own backyard!  Go outside, BE with Nature, and ask, "How may I be of Divine Service to the Highest Good of All Life of Earth?" 

If you would like to support this Sacred Earth Work please consider making a monetary donation.  Thak you! 

England Pilgrimage 
September 2-11, 2023

Four Corners, USA
February 8-11, 2023

Ring of Fire, USA
January 2-24, 2023

Mentioned in blog posted 12/18/22  New Mission

Blog posted 1/09/23  CA & OR Coast

Blog posted 1/14/23  Elemental Assistance in Pac NW

Blog posted 1/25/23  Volcanos & More

Blog posted 2/4/23  Mission Shares

Egypt - Path of the Initiate
October 6-20, 2022

Mt Shasta, CA
September Equinox, 2022

Peru & Bolivia
July 18 - Aug 21, 2022

Mentioned in blog post 7/15/22  My 50th Birthday Wish

Blog posted 7/27/22  The Sacred Valley

Blog posted 8/5/22  The Apu Adventures

Blog posted 8/10/22  Birthplace of the Sun/Lake Titicaca

Blog posted 8/26/22  Welcome to the Jungle - Iquitos

Egypt - YOSOY 2202*2022
February 16-26, 2022

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