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Your Light is Needed

"We, the Beings of Light in the Higher Realms, call upon you, the Lightworkers and the Wayshowers, to gather with us and HOLD THE VISION for the HIGHEST OUTCOME, the HIGHEST TIMELINE for ALL LIFE ON EARTH. Great changes are in process and it is important to remember that you are co-creators of this reality. Your Light is Needed!"

During these times of great change we can often feel confused, fearful, overwhelmed and helpless. Let's shift into feeling EMPOWERED as CO-CREATORS of OUR REALITY and join together to hold the Highest Vision for All Life on Earth!

NEW EVENTS! The Higher Realms will co-create with us through guided meditations, and together, we will SHINE OUR LIGHTS in DIVINE SERVICE TO ALL LIFE!

The first gathering is Sunday, June 25th. Do you hear the call?

Upcoming Dates:

July 16

July 30

Aug 20

Sep 17

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