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You've Got (Cosmic) Mail

July 4, 2020

To All the Beloved Peoples of the Earth,

Greetings Dear Ones! We've asked this channel to write a letter to humanity, from us, your Star Families, your Cosmic Connection from times long ago and far away. Each of you have lived so many lifetimes on other planets, in other galaxies and in other universes. You have lived in various advanced and enlightened civilizations throughout the multiverse. In each Star Family you've incarnated, a promise was made, a commitment was given that when it was time we would help you to remember who you are and why you had chosen to come to Earth. That time is NOW! This is THE time that we all have been waiting for -- this time of great CHANGE and AWAKENING for humanity and this Beloved Earth. This Divine Plan has been in play far longer than you can realize, and every part is an intricate piece of the whole - every player is needed for this unprecedented occasion! Will you play your part? Join us, your beloved Star Families, and all the many benevolent Beings of Light that are here to support and assist in this massive undertaking. You are not alone Dear Ones, we are walking right beside you, even though you may not sense us. Some of you do. Some of you are awakening dormant potentials within your DNA that "turn on" the higher dimensional abilities inherent to your form. Others are just becoming aware that higher dimensions exist. Wherever you are on your awakening journey, rejoice! This is the time we have all been waiting for. The stage has been set and all are in play.

What is your part in this Divine Production you ask? Your part is to uncover the Truth of who you are beneath your humanness. Your part is to have awareness of that which does not support your highest potential. What keeps you playing small? Where are you limiting yourself? What outdated beliefs and programs are you still running? The more you as an individual can uncover that which has been hidden within, recognizing that the past has been guiding your future for too long, and allowing the dissolution and release of these limiting patterns, the more you contribute and assist in this Divine Plan of a New Earth. As you let go of that which holds you back you radiate more of your Divine Light out into the world and thus, uplift the collective vibration of your Beloved Earth.

Who are you? Only you know this Truth, for the answers are waiting within. Can you give yourself the time and space to find them? Can you make Self a priority? Can you come into relationship with your own Soul? This does not require hours and hours of meditation, but it does require commitment to Self and consistency. For the more you can connect within the more aware you become, the more in-tune you are with your body and your soul, the more inner guidance you receive, the more self-love you cultivate, the stronger your intuition, and the happier you become...the more LIGHT you share with the world.

Call upon us Dear Ones, call for the presence of your Beloved Star Families to assist you in uncovering your Truth, opening your Heart, and achieving your Highest Potential. We are waiting in the wings with cue cards of LOVE!

May each and every one of you KNOW the LIGHT YOU ARE,



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