(Channeled 6/23/19) Beloved Ones of the Light, we come to you again through this channel with words of Hope and energies of Divine Love! For all of you ARE LOVE…MANIFEST. All of you are CREATORS, all of you carry the spark of creation within you. You are Divine Beings of Light, on a mission to uplift humanity through BE-ing yourself, by BE-ing the LOVE that flows from you and through you – this is why you have come. This is your purpose! Stop looking outside yourself for what you are “to do”; you need only BE yourself, be who you are outside of the physical vessel, be the LOVE and the LIGHT of the Divine. Each one of you are unique and yet a part of the whole. Each one of your expressions will be different, yet you ALL are here to be of service. How does your soul wish to express itself in your reality? What passions call to you? What activities bring you joy and happiness? For it is through your expression that love flows – LOVE FLOWS THROUGH YOU, FROM YOU, AS IT FLOWS TO YOU AND ALL AROUND YOU. We are LOVE MANIFEST. This is why you have come to the Earth, this is the mission of the collective…it is time to fully embrace this knowing, it is time to remember why you have come.

Beloveds, your LIGHT shines as a beacon to those who are weighed down with unconsciousness, your brothers and sisters who have come, just as you have, to assist and to take part in this grand spectacle that is being witnessed by all souls. Remember who you are, remember why you are here. You are the LOVE and LIGHT of the Divine, having a physical experience, a physical expression, on an ever-continuing journey of existence. We love you all, we thank you for your courage and your persistence to create a New Earth based in LOVE, KINDNESS and COMPASSION…where all souls are embraced for the Light within. It is with great joy that we transmit these words encoded with the vibration of LOVE, through your soul sister, our Beloved Conduit.

You are LOVED, always, and in all ways.

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