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You are Energy

8/23/19 Excerpt from Group Channeling – Part I – Energy Lesson

Message coming from the Councils of Light. They want me to tell you what is happening to me. Channeling is not a special skill, you all have this ability. Anybody can do it. What is happening right now is that I am tuning in like a radio, to a station, and trying to find the clearest station to connect to. They want me to tell you that because there are channels in this circle. Toning helps me to tune in the station so to speak and to bring the chakras into alignment to receive the energy easier.

“Each energy that channels through your Beloved Sister has its own unique frequency. This is its calling card if you wish. Just as each one of you has your own unique signature, just as you have a name to differentiate between you, so too, do you have an energy signature. Names are an earthly concept because you have not mastered energy and what it is to perceive energy, yet, but this will come Beloveds. So each frequency requires a separate station to receive if you will. Some frequencies are quick to tune and others take more time depending on the frequency or vibrational field through the physical vessel. Everything is vibrating, even that which appears to be solid and immovable is actually vibrating at a very low frequency. Just as those beings in the Higher Dimensions are vibrating at a much higher frequency than what you are able to perceive with your vision. Just as the rainbow has many colors that you are unable to see, so too, with frequency and energy. We remind you of your radio waves and your microwaves that you cannot see but yet are all around you. This is energy in motion. It takes practice to tune in or to receive this energy, these frequencies that channelers’ have mastered on certain levels. The more that you are able to embody your Soul or Super Consciousness, also known as your Higher Self, the more that you are able to bring this into the physical by intention and connection, and the easier it is for you to perceive the higher frequencies that inundate your world. So think of this as a mini-lesson in energy. Beloveds you are energy! Yes, you have a physical expression but you also have an energy body that is overlaid to this physical body that you are currently inhabiting and this is why it is so important to connect on all levels when doing healing work so that all of your systems, all of your bodies, all of your energy centers may be affected. You would not want to only, say clean the outside of your body without eating healthy food for the inside. As without so within. You are much more than just this body Beloveds, so, so much more! And so we wish to bring your awareness to the multidimensionality that you are. Just as it is important to clean your physical vessel inside and out, so too, is it important to take care of your energy body and so connecting to the Earth and to Source, to God if you will, with intention, helps to cover all your bases so to speak.”

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