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8/23/19 Excerpt from Group Channeling – Part II – Taking Care of Yourself & Creating

“It is important Beloveds to take care of yourself, and what does this mean you ask? There are many answers to this question. Love yourself enough to take care of yourself. Feed your body healthy, vibrant, loving foods. Drink pure waters. Go out in nature. Give yourself time to relax, to connect into your Soul, to your Heart, to your Self. This need not take hours, it need only take a few minutes every day. Be consistent in your practice. Focus on your breathing for just a few minutes a day. There is so much that you can do! Surround yourself with loving people who hold positive vibrations and beautiful outcomes for the future. Read books that inspire you. Watch films that make you laugh. These are things to take care of yourself…there are so many more that we could say but we believe that you get the gist. And also to remember that when you are doing these things for you, to set the intention that it is affecting the energy field as well. Meditation – connecting into the energy field. Cleaning the body – cleaning the energy field. When you take a shower to clean your physical body imagine the water is cleansing your energy field, too. It is that simple. It is that easy.

There are so many ways to take care of yourself, it only takes a few. Do not get overwhelmed with all the possibilities, whatever works for you in the moment. Whatever you are drawn to is perfect for you. Create your own ways! Be creative! You, Beloveds, are CREATORS! Anything is possible in your multidimensionality. The hardest part is undoing the belief that it is not, is undoing the belief that you cannot create what you want because you have been told for so long it is not possible. Perception colors your reality Beloveds. Change your perception and you change your reality by a mindset. It is miraculous, is it not, this ability that you have? When you find yourself overcome with emotion, when it feels like you can’t go on, when the weight of the world is pushing you down, what can you do to change your mindset? What can you do? Can you find something to make you laugh? Can you think of a funny story? Can you remember a time when you felt SO GOOD? It is in these moments when we are feeling so down and the Light within seems so dim that we must find a way out, and it need not be a great effort. It need only be a memory, or a simple way to change the mind, for Beloveds you have all been in a place where nothing bothered you in the moment because you were in such a high vibration, you were in such a euphoric mood, that nothing could bring you down, so remember this in times when you are not feeling so bright. It becomes a practice. It becomes easier and easier the more that you are able to do it.

We wish to say to all of you now…remember a time whether recent or long ago, when you felt so much Joy! Remember that time Beloveds. Take yourself back, as far back as you have to go to find that Joy, that Joyful moment, even if it did not last for very long. Just tune into that Joyful energy. Feel it! Be in that moment again, allow that feeling to wash over your body, that Joyful, Loving energy. Smile, feeling bright and happy. Just feel that now. You just shifted your perception Beloveds in a few moments. So we leave you now with much to ponder perhaps. Know that we are here to assist. It need not be a challenge any longer Beloveds. That is the old way of thinking, “it must take hard work” to get to where you want to be. No, no, no, this is not the truth now. So much has shifted Beloveds. You need not be struggling and in survival mode any longer. You are meant to be in Joy and in Bliss. YOU ARE MEANT TO BE IN JOY AND IN BLISS! Hear these words Beloveds! Hear these words!

Anytime you find yourself not in Joy, not in Bliss and Happiness, it is your choice to not be there. Hmmm…think on that a moment! Hmmm…we do say that so much is possible, so much excitement, so much uncovering for you to do. Think of this as a Christmas Eve and all the presents are there waiting for you to unwrap them. Unwrap yourself Beloveds, unfold to who you are. Let go of this human mindset that says you cannot be happy, that it is hard work. There is no need for that. If that is your mindset it is your choice and you so choose. But it does not have to be that way. Choose instead to be happy. Choose instead to be in Joy. When you wake up in the morning before you get out of bed, bring Joy into your life. Think of things that bring you Joy. Think of things you want to do that would bring you Joy. Think of things you have already done that brought you Joy. ‘I am in Joy. I am in Love. I am in Bliss.’ If you start your day off with these simple phrases, oh Beloveds, what shifts you will experience! What monumentous changes will ensue! It is your choice. As always, we are here to assist. Ask for our help and we will answer your call Beloveds, we will answer your call. We love you. We bless you. We are you. Namaste.”

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