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We Are One

(Channeled 9/01/19)

Greetings Beloved Peoples of the Earth, we come to you with a message of Love, Peace and Unity Consciousness, through this Beloved Channel. YOU ARE ALL ONE, and yet you are unique in your expression of the ONE. You are part of the whole, and yet individual expressions of the ONE.

How can you be one AND an individual you ask? It is the process of duality, and it is why you have come to this physical existence - to experience the uniqueness of individualism as it pertains to the expression of your Divine Essence.

You are a complex and intricate being, and there are many subsystems that make the whole of who you are. There are physical systems or structures if you will, there are energetic overlays and circuitry, and there is consciousness above all else. That innate part of you that always has been and always will be. This is the Oneness that weaves the All, the I AM, Source, God, All that Is. You are a part of this consciousness, you are an experience of this Oneness, this Vastness, this Omnipresent Light Force that resides in all things - be it being, structure, particle, rock, animal, molecule.There is a common thread among are a part of the whole. What affects you, affects the whole. When you feel joy, this energy transmits to the All, the whole, the collective consciousness of existence. When you feel resentment, this energy or vibration, is transmitted to all as well.

Can you begin to understand the power that each and every ONE of you hold? Can you envision what life on your planet could be like if every soul understood this truth? Can you cultivate love, joy, peace and unity consciousness within your self, knowing that every thought and feeling ripples out into the All?

We, the Arcturian Masters, recognize and honor the Oneness within You, within Us, and within All of Creation. May you also recognize this within yourselves! Be kind, spread love and unity; peace will be the by-product and Heaven will be upon your Earth.”


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