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Wake up, my children. Rise... and SHINE!

During this latest Star Language Activator transmission, the Great Mother of All Life sang, "Wake up, my children" over and over. I experienced so much JOY as each section came through. May we all feel the JOY and hear the call to SHINE!

What do you experience?


If you have the heart's call to up-level your awakening process, please join us for the next

2-Day Online Weekend Intensive - June 11 & 12

When we gather as a group and join our hearts as one, we are able to receive a greater level of assistance from the Higher Realms.

(May's Intensive was SOOOO AMAZING!!!!)

RECEIVE high frequency transmissions and assistance from the Great Ones to increase your ability to hold more Light, accelerate your awakening, and BE in the Highest Service to All Life.
RECEIVE channeled wisdom, guidance and healing from your Highest Teams in Spirit while sitting in Sacred Circle with community as you remember BEing Divine Love.

Due to the personalized attention each participant receives during an intensive, space is limited. Pricing options available for all budgets.

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