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Two Opportunities to Add Your Light on Solstice

We gathered with a myriad of Beings from the Higher Realms on Dec 20th & 21st to receive the Light of Solstice, and what we accomplished was amazing!!! If you have the heart call, please join us in the Quantum Field and add your Light into these Sacred Solstice Gatherings. (Each transmission is about 60mins in length.) *A very special THANK YOU to this community for your loving support and commitment to SHINING YOUR LIGHT IN SERVICE TO ALL LIFE! YOU ARE SO LOVED & APPRECIATED!*

DEC 20th: During this very powerful gathering we blazed the Sacred Violet Flame to transmute all miscreated life-force energies. We became Pillars of Light for the Love of Source to flow into the Heart of Mother Earth, seeding energies of Balance and Unity. We anchored new Sacred Geometric Light Technologies into our energy fields, anto the Earth, that are continuously transmitting higher frequencies of Light. And we connected our Heart Centers to all Beings on this planet, and sent LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to ALL.

DEC 21st: During this special gathering we connected our Hearts with the Heart of Source Creator and the Heart of Mother

Earth and became a Channel of Light, sending LOVE-LIGHT to ALL LIFE evolving upon and within this planet. We entered a Sacred Pyramid Temple of Golden Light and connected to the mineral kingdom and all ley lines, grids, nodes, and sacred sites. We received assistance from Sacred Geometric Light Technologies to purify and elevate our Light Bodies. We held the vision of every Heart Receiving the Light of Source and Awakening as the Earth becomes A Star of Freedom.

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