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Transmission from Divine Mother

Updated: May 29, 2020

The Star Families & Divine Mother bring through energies and support to assist in releasing fear and anxiety about your future. Allow the frequencies to soothe your heart and mind. (All sounds carry vibration and frequency, even those that sound out of tune!:) I find it quite interesting that an ambulance drove by as the energies were transmitting! See below for video & full transcription. Love and blessings to All, Yedyamya

"We ask each one of you watching to set your intention to receive the energies that are being offered to you at this time from the Divine Mother, the Great Mother of All Beings. We ask you to close your eyes, bring your attention inward focusing on your heart center. Bringing your awareness, breathing into the heart, allowing these energies to surround you like a warm blanket to gently cradle you in the arms of the Divine Mother. So many of you are feeling pain in your hearts uncertain of what your future looks like. Allow our words and energies to soothe... our Dear Children, your future is very bright though it may be hard for you to understand that at this time. Allow our words to be received - your futures are very bright, indeed! When you are able to hold the vibration of Love within your Being, you are able to create so much more than when you allow fear and uncertainty to guide your way. Now focusing on your heart space Dear Ones, allow these words and sounds to resonate, to assist you in releasing the bonds of fear, old programming from your societies that do not serve at this time. Feel deep in your hearts, setting your intention to release all energies that are not vibrating with Love. We bring through an energy to assist. Keeping the eyes closed, your attention focused inward in your heart space, setting the intention to let go of what is not serving you, to allow all that is hindering your ability to create the future that you wish fall away. Asking that these energies and sounds be received through your entire Being. Now opening your eyes, receiving the energies. Deep breath in Dear Ones, allowing the release. Breathing into the heart, breathing out with release. Closing your eyes once more, bringing your awareness inside your heart space. May each one of you feel the Love that all of us from around your Universe have for you. We send this energy to you know, feel deeply into your hearts, asking to receive with every part of your being as our Love flows to you. Flowing to each and every one of you without exception. Flowing to you All. May you All KNOW the LOVE THAT YOU ARE. May you All FEEL the LIGHT THAT YOU ARE. Know that we are with you Always. We Love You. We Bless Each and Every One of You. We Honor All of You for your commitment to be here at this time to assist in this great undertaking. Namaste."

Much love and many blessings to All,


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