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Time to Celebrate!

Channeled 02-23-20 (Listen to audio link below to receive the full energies:)

… Greetings Beloved, Beloved Peoples of this Earth Plane. We come to you on this day with a message through this, our Beloved channel, a message for you all to know that the Light is here! That all your efforts, all of your efforts, are now coming to fruition and it is a time of great rejoice and celebration for ALL in all the realms! For this is the time that we have all been waiting for. Beloveds, this is the time, it is happening! It is happening! Feel inside your bodies as we bring forth these words. You have done it! You have achieved a higher Light quotient in this dimensional frequency upon this planetary structure. It is a time of celebration! Time to be in JOY. Time to be in JOY within your body. Feel the Light that surrounds you now. Feel the Love from all of your Star Families and all the Higher Dimensional Beings of Light and Love that surround this planet and that infuse the energies here with their own vibration of assistance and support. Feel this now! Feel into your own Hearts to receive these energies and know that the time has come! The time has come, time has come Beloveds! Humanity is on the precipice of a mass awakening. Hold strong, hold strong Dear Ones you are very close. You are very close to witnessing the never before experienced in this realm. Celebration, celebration, celebration! …

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