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The Soul, The Self & The Heart Song

In our first Star Light Community Share, we welcomed Jennifer Lynn, an amazing Celtic shamanic practitioner (and so much more), who shared a glimpse into the connection between the Soul, the Self and the Oran Croí (the Heart Song). She invited us to explore our sacred vibration as the Sacred Three sings it, and guided us on a mystic's journey into our Hearts. It was an amazing time sitting in Sacred Circle and receiving Jennifer's wisdom and extensive knowledge of the Divine, and the journey into the Heart was profound. Please enjoy this replay! Scroll to learn more about Jennifer :)

Jennifer has been my personal practitioner and mentor for many years and has greatly assisted my healing journey and evolution as a channel and Lightworker. I am always awestruck after a session with her. It was a great honor to have Jennifer with us!


Jennifer Lynn Jacoby is a soul midwife, shamanic Druid Priestess, Lightworker, healer, and modern-day mystic specializing in Celtic mystical techniques and practices with thirty years of metaphysical training and practice. She is a Rune and Ogham reader, acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, Reiki master, dream reader, energy healer, and shamanic healer. Jennifer offers deeply personal, soul-reconnecting, revitalizing and inspiring intuitive readings, past-life and ancestral healings, and spiritual mentoring sessions for individuals around the world.

With thirty years of training and experience, Jennifer brings an extensive repertoire of tools and techniques to each session. But, if you ask her how she works, she will reply—”I just listen.” Because each session is about you, the client, and your connection with Spirit.

Her art, like her writings, honors and explores her thirty-year love affair with the Goddess and the Sacred Conversation. Each acrylic vision offers a glimpse of the Otherworld—a gift of Light, Magic and Mystery, just for you.

Jennifer is a Minister of the Circle of the Sacred Earth, a church of animism fostering shamanic principles and practices. She has studied extensively with Tom Cowan, Caitlín Matthews, Hank Wesselman, the Invisible Druid Order, the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, Richard Knight’s Psychic Development Academy, and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

For more about Jennifer, visit:

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