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The Sacred Valley - Peru

I arrived in Pisaq July 19 and connected with a dear soul sister who has also been called here in Divine Service. After a couple days acclimating to the elevation and climate it was time for the first task - Liberating the Well of Sorrows. We were guided to hike up the Vilcanota River to a series of waterfalls. We began the journey in silence and soon I became overwhelmed with pain and sorrow, sometimes doubling over from the emotions. I could feel all the women who had ever been led to their deaths in this land, ripped from their children and families. This continued for half of the trek and at times I wasn’t sure I could continue. Then a sense of empowerment came over as we started to climb up and up until reaching the destination.

At one point during this task I was asked to plunge into the frigid waters to cleanse the heart energies of woman and to clear woman’s pain held within the waters of this land. The trapped souls of woman were liberated. Forgiveness was sent for all atrocities against the feminine, asking that man and woman be in balance, that the masculine and feminine within each of us find balance, and the sacred union of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine be expressed in All.

Second task: Apu Veronica

Mount Veronica called to me just after Solstice. She gave me a diagram showing exactly where I needed to be to complete the task. Little did I know it would take two buses and a 40-min taxi ride one-way up switchbacks just to get to the trailhead! Did I mention I get severe motion sickness? This made it a difficult hike. Luckily the weather was good and I could clearly see her snow covered peak to align myself in the exact location to access the portal. During this task a door was opened in which energies of Divine Love flowed out in all directions and anchored into the Earth. As I gave gratitude and said goodbye to Apu Veronica, the clouds came in and the portal I had connected with was no longer visible!

If you would like to support this Mission and help me offset the many expenses to complete this Sacred Work, please consider a donation.



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