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The Path to Wholeness - ONENESS

Star Language activators of ONENESS and a transmission from the Higher Realms! To listen to the audio transmission, click here (transcript below).

"FEEL the ONENESS in your bones. FEEL the ONENESS in your blood. BE the ONENESS. I AM Oneness. I AM ONENESS. Feel this Dear Ones - I AM ONENESS. Cultivate ONENESS. Oneness within YOU. For until there is Oneness within you, there will be no Oneness outside of you. Be the Oneness that you desire. Be that Oneness now! Be that Oneness with yourself and ask yourself, what parts of myself am I denying? What parts of myself am I discriminating against? What parts of myself feel left out and alone? Integrate all aspects of yourself Dear Ones. Become the Oneness that you desire - BE THE ONENESS WITHIN." - The Higher Realms (Become Oneness transmission)

For many months the Higher Realms have been speaking on the importance of journeying deep within to uncover the parts of ourselves that have been hidden away, out of view, and to shine our loving light upon them. To bring them back home within our heart... to become WHOLE/ONE within us, so we may create a world of ONE around us. If you have the heart's call, please join us for the JUNE INTENSIVE and catapult your journey of self-discovery!

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