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The Great Mother Transmission - Week 1

The Great Mother of All Life has asked to share weekly transmissions "to uplift the children of Earth, to prepare them for the way." We have much Work to do.

May this week's transmission nourish, support and uplift you. May you feel the high frequencies within the Silence between words. May you REMEMBER.

Click image to watch video (22mins).

Art Activator titled "Wake up, my children. Rise... and SHINE!"


"Listen to my voice, Children. Feel the sounds. Feel my warm embrace. Surrender to the Divine that seeks expression through you. You are a living, breathing codex of information. Each of you carries a unique frequency - your very own signature - and together each of your specific notes creates a symphony.

So many of you have forgotten, so many of you have forgotten why you have come here. It is time to remember. It is time to wake up, Children. It is time to SHINE. You are ALL being called to Service. You are ALL being called to REMEMBER. Feel deep within you, there is a stirring, there is a knowing there is more to life than what you see. Some of you are hearing that quiet voice within nudging you along your path, guiding you to people and places that spark remembrance within. For others, that quiet voice is not heard or is ignored because perhaps what it is whispering to you would be too disruptive to your life.

Dear Ones, life on this planet is about to change. Will you change with it or will you continue on the wheel, day in and day out? What if? What if there is more than that which you can see? What if there is more than that which you can hear? What if there is more than that which you can feel? What if this is all an illusion? What if you are creating your reality? What if there is no more time? What if the time is NOW?

The Mother beckons, will you hear her call? Your light is needed. What does it mean, “Your light is needed?” Do you feel the light inside of you? Can you expand it in all directions? Can you feel it moving through you? Do you even know it exists? How do you find your light? Self-discovery. You must dig, you must uncover it from all the falsities that have been taught about who you are. You must uncover it from all the hurts of your past and all the pain and suffering of your life. You must free it. You must allow it. You must allow it without fear, without resistance, without restriction, without constriction.

Find your way Home to the Truth within you waiting to be revealed. It’s time to unify thyself, to call all parts home. So many of you are holding unconscious pain, unknown trauma. Do you have judgments? Do you have triggers? Do you have deep sadness and anger? Do you have fear? Do you have loneliness? Does it feel like something is holding you back?

It is time, it’s time children to discover who you are. There is no more time to waste.

You Are Needed, Now! You are being called Home. We are calling you Home."

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