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Taking Advantage of this Total Solar Eclipse

Self-care is critical, especially as the energies become stronger and stronger on this planet and within our physical bodies. As we approach the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse Event on Dec 3rd (details below), it is vital we are nourishing our Being on All Levels.

In Patricia Cota-Robles' latest vlog (link below), she speaks about the importance of celestial events and the opportunity it creates for us to receive more Light, and the importance of self-care to receive the greatest benefits. The Higher Realms ask us, "Are we listening to our I AM Presence as it guides us about our personal self-care?"

Each of us are unique in our personal needs, but there are basic needs we all share. These are some recommended questions you may want to ask your I AM Presence:

  • Is the food I am consuming nourishing my body in the most positive way?

  • Are the beverages I am drinking enhancing the health of my body?

  • Am I ingesting toxic substances such as recreational drugs, alcohol, or tobacco in ways that adversely affect my mind and body?

  • Am I getting enough sleep?

  • Am I spending time in nature?

  • Am I taking time to listen to beautiful music?

  • Am I spending quality time with my loved ones?

  • Am I laughing, playing and loving for a period of time every day?

  • Am I meditating and spending time with Source every day?

  • Am I breathing my newly elevated holy breath consciously throughout the day?

Please join us this Friday, December 3rd at 9am PT / 10am MT / 11am CT / 12pm ET / 5pm UK / 6pm Italy as we gather to co-create with the Higher Realms on Behalf of All Life.

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