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Star Language Transmission to Stay Focused on the Light

Greetings Beloveds! Enjoy this 9min transmission of Star (Light) Language and loving energies to support and assist us in staying focused on the Light. (This video is especially potent with the amazing activating artwork of Ha-Ru-Ko Blue Star Child [Blue Star Child Gallery] in background).

New Offering: Receive your own Personal Star Language Video Message. Using a recent picture of you, I connect with your teams in Spirit and channel a recorded video message unique to you (15-20 mins in length). For more information click Home | Yedyamya Star Light, details at bottom of page.

Update: It's been almost a year and 16,000 miles since I headed into the unknown on the guidance of Spirit. And the journey continues. These days I find myself temporarily back home in Arizona experiencing another beautiful cycle of releasing and receiving to be of greater service to Earth and humanity. During this time I am reminded to release the past ways of being and believing, opening to all possibilities, even those that seem completely outrageous in the moment :)

I am in deep gratitude and great appreciation for your continued support on this journey.

Much love and many blessings to All,


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