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Shining Your Light Meditation & New Activators

Greetings Beloveds! Please enjoy this 11min transmission/meditation from the Higher Realms to activate your Heart Star and become a Radiant Sun of Love & Light in Divine Service to All Life. Then check out the latest Activators, "Blue Heart Ray" & "Communicating With the Stars", and the upcoming events for May. Star Light Blessings to All - Yedyamya

Find a quiet space. Close your eyes, listen with your body and allow yourself to Become.

(Read full transcript below). Recorded April 27, 2022. Photos by A.E.Irwin.

NEW ACTIVATORS - To see the full gallery or commission a personal Activator, click here.


MAY 7: LIVE EVENT - Cosmic Vibrations at Gilbert Yoga, Arizona 6-8:30pm Join us IN PERSON in Gilbert, AZ for an evening of relaxation, healing and rejuvenation with the Higher Realms and the Sacred Drum.

MAY 14 & 15: 2-DAY ONLINE INTENSIVE - Taking It To the Next Level 8:00am - 3:30pm PT Listen to the channeled invitation from the High Councils. We are being asked to gather together each month (May, June, July) for weekend intensives to prepare ourselves to receive the influx of high-vibrational energies that will transmit through the Galactic Portal during the upcoming 8/8 Lions Gate. It is time to go deep so that we may soar to new heights! Pricing options are available for all budgets (contact me if you need additional options). Click link for more info & registration.

SHINING YOUR LIGHT TRANSCRIPT: "Beloved Ones, we invite you to connect into the Heart of your Earth now. In to her Heart Star. To become One. To become One with your Earth Mother. You are her children and she calls you Home. Home within your own hearts Dear Ones. Connect into your own Heart Star now! And feel your Earth Mother’s love. Receive her nourishment. Allow yourselves to BE ONE with the Mother who gives you Life, who tends to your every need. For she is very much ALIVE Dear Ones and she can nourish you, she can feed you, she can breathe LIFE into you. For your Beloved Planet is far more than your home Dear Ones, she is a Life Force of her own. She is a Great Mother within this galaxy. Connecting in to your Heart Center and inviting your Heart Portal to open now. I open my Heart Portal now! And with the invitation your Heart Center blossoms like a flower connecting you more deeply into the Heart of the Earth Center and connecting you up in to the Heart of the Divine Sun Center. Inviting now the Love and the Nourishment from that Great Central Sun, the Divine Creator. Allowing yourself to receive this Nourishment, this Life Force Energy throughout every cell and molecule. Feel yourselves filling up from the Love of the Earth and the Love of the Divine Creator. Drinking it in to all levels and layers of your Beingness. Receiving and allowing yourself to receive. Being in these energies of Life, of Life Force, to recharge your batteries Dear Ones. Continue to allow this energy in. And as this energy moves through you, in to all parts of you, it ignites your Heart Center and each of you becomes like a Star! Radiating Light into the four cardinal directions, in front of you, behind you, to the left of you, and to the right of you. You become like a Star as the Light flows in from below you and above you. And you are now radiating the Loving and Nourishing Light to all of those around you and in to your environment, to all forms of Life around you - be it what you call inanimate objects or creatures that are alive and breathing - everything around you Dear Ones is LIFE. And now FEEL yourself like a Sun radiating in all directions - Healing, Loving, Nourishing, Energizing Energy and Light from your Heart Centers. Each of you becoming your own Sun Star radiating Healing Rays of Light to All Life upon your planet. For Dear Ones, this is who you are, you are a Sun Star of Love & Light! And you are here at this time in Service to Shine this Light in a world of darkness so that others may find their way Home to their own Hearts and the Loving Light within them. This is who you are Dear Ones, you are Love & Light. Remember who you are. Your Light is needed! Shine Your Lights Dear Ones!"

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