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Seeing IS Believing! and More

Greetings Beloveds! I've just returned from a very activating and illuminating road trip to Mount Shasta during which I visited The Healing Place and brought through an impromptu group transmission. Look what was captured with an old-school digital camera! Hello, Orbs!!

Jami, the owner, is passionate about spirit photography and led me to a portal on the property where she took these pictures... the love I felt here was so beautiful!

While in Mount Shasta, I also journeyed into Telos through a portal at Ascension Rock (with my lightbody) to meet the Council of Elders, entered the darkness of Pluto's Cave to face fear and deliver a "gift", visited The Door & Guardian, and delivered codes to the Mountain at Panther Meadows. Spirit also had me connecting with lots of soul tribe to deliver messages and codes. We were very, very busy!

As I drove this 2500 mile round-trip trek so many transmissions came in that I had to pull over several times. The energies were too intense to receive and focus on the road simultaneously. (This takes multitasking to a whole new level!)


Next Destination: EGYPT!

Next week I depart for Cairo to rejoin my soul family and take our Sacred Work Triad to the Mother Land. Originally we were given until the end of the year to make the journey, but timelines have shifted and there's an urgency to increase all efforts across the board.

You can help by Shining Your Light consciously every day and continuing to do your own Inner Work. As we liberate ourselves, we liberate All Life!

If you would like to support this Sacred Earth Work and help offset the enormous costs and expenses incurred to complete these missions, please consider making a donation. Thank you!



Did you know that every time you watch an event REPLAY you are adding your Light in Divine Service? In the Quantum Field there is no time and no space - all is happening in the NOW! Please consider participating in a past Divine Service event by watching the REPLAY and ADDING YOUR LIGHT! You are needed!!!

Replays can be found at YouTube or Channelings/Blog.

Our online Divine Service gatherings will resume in November :)

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