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Q & A with The Elohim

Greetings Beloveds! During a recent channeling session, The Elohim answer the questions, "What is the focus of spiritual work?" and "What advice can you give on ascension?" It is recommended to watch the video to receive the full benefit (transcription below).

Much love and gratitude to all! -Yedyamya

Q: What is the main focus of spiritual work?

A: The main focus should always be to Know Thyself. The main focus should always be the betterment of Self. For the purer your heart energy is the more service you have to give. There are many upon your world who are dedicated to service and have not done that inner work, which will provide that purity of heart and it has, for lack of a better term, tainted many of the teachings that have been offered to assist in this Great Awakening. The goal of spirituality is to recognize the Divinity within, and to release all that dims that Light from radiating out for all to see. We shall use the Master Yeshua as example, for he had to undergo many initiations or experiences of that which did not serve him. He had to master many, many human experiences - emotions, feelings, transmuting them so that he could be of pure heart in every moment. This was not innate in him. He was not born with this ability. He worked very diligently to cultivate the ability to radiate that love and to hold that unconditional love for all beings.

Q: What advice can you give on ascension?

A: We would say to disregard the term ascend and to replace it with becoming, discovering your Beingness, uncovering that Light within that has been so buried deep from all the incarnations upon this planet in this human form. The conditioning of the human psyche runs very, very deep. It is mastering your humanity that truly will allow you to "ascend". Your Humanity is no less than your Divinity, it is just another expression of such. If all of those upon this planet, the many billions and billions of humans upon this planet would look within, if each of you upon this planet could uncover yourselves, could dig yourselves out of the pile that has been put upon you, transformation would be imminent, would be immediate. But the conditioning is so ingrained you see, the matrix is so controlling and there has been so much created to keep you there, to detract you from going within, so much to distract you, to divide you, to make you doubt, to make you feel unloved, to make you feel unworthy. It has all been created to continue the perpetual cycle of this enslavement of the mind. (And soul?) The soul is untouchable. It is when you can reconnect to the soul that you begin to realize that everything that society is, is to distract you from the soul, from that truth, innate truth within you of the Divinity that you are and that there is nothing that can harm you for you are eternal beings having a physical experience, and it is the journey of coming back to Self that is the human experience.

So the question to ask Self is not "Who am I?" but "What is it that prevents me from knowing who I am?" "What is it that keeps the blinds on, the blinders on?" It is indeed as if you are all wearing these 3D reality goggles that keep you believing that all that you see is all that there is. And once you get a glimpse of the view without the goggles, once those goggles have been removed, even for a microsecond then you start to have the awareness that there is more to life than just this mundane rat race, this hamster wheel, this enslavement. So as a Lightworker, as a Being of Divine Service as we prefer, your "job" is to uncover who you are and in that uncovering your specific and unique pathway or purpose or mission for why you have come here will be revealed, but it is not until you can completely clear away all that is keeping you from seeing, knowing, feeling, being the truth of who you are, until all of that begins to fall away those gifts will remain hidden for the most part because those gifts need to be utilized from a place of purity of the Heart, of the Being, the Knowingness, the Divinity. This is why so many of those who are assisting the Earth from other dimensional realities are sharing the same information - to Know Thyself! Do your inner work! That is your job! That is the best task for you to grow spirituality. Cultivate Love for Self. Find out what is in you that keeps you in fear. That keeps you playing small. That keeps you from believing that you have power within you. Find all those places within you and love them, dissolve them, transmute them, uncover who you are.

Get excited about this! Rejoice in this, in the emotions that you're feeling and allowing to have freedom. Expressing that which has been repressed. Giving freedom to Self. Loving yourself FREE! Removing your virtual reality, coming home to the truth of who you are, not what someone has told you, not that which has been ingrained in you since you were birthed, but the truth of who you are at your core. You ARE God. You ARE the Light and the Love of Source. You ARE that expression of God in this form. That is who you are. It is to experience this, it is to know that within every cell of your Being. And how is this done? It is going within, it is finding your way back, for no one can tell you who you are, you must know it, you must experience it, you must BE it. And the more and more that you are able to tap into that, and to feel that and to know that and to be that and to live that, even if only for a few seconds, a few moments, but as you do that, as you continue to allow yourself that ability, to give yourself that allowing, as you continue to touch that Divinity within you, you create pathways for others. You make it easier for others.

It is finding the time to love yourself enough to give yourself what you need in every moment.

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