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Protecting & Clearing Our Energy Fields

My guides brought this through last week just before I went to the movies. It also helped tremendously this past weekend while visiting a theme park. Even if you don’t think you are sensitive to energies, try this practice for a few days and notice how you feel. There is so much happening outside our field of vision and perception, this easy practice can make a huge impact on how you feel day-to-day.

Channeled 01/04/20:

"Each one of you… protecting your energy fields… actively… intentionally… creating an energetic bubble… to surround each of you individually… and collectively… we will help you do this… it is highly inadvisable… to go into large groups of people… without consciously intentionally creating an energetic field of protection… to support your energy field… call upon us to assist… create one around your young one… it is very important for all of you now… to have protection... before all media… interaction… it can be vitally important… and remembering to call upon us… to assist in clearing energy fields… nightly before you turn in… just as you shower to wash off physical dirt… now your sensitivities… and abilities to pick up… more energies… is enhanced… compounded… exponentially increased… and it is vitally important that you all begin to protect yourselves accordingly… we are here to assist in this process… but it does require your… permission… your intention… (I'm seeing a thick bubble of white light surrounding the energy body, and they are making me feel that it is really important to protect our energy fields in a bubble)… only allowing the highest potentiality… to permeate…"

Each morning say with conscious intention, “I ask my guides to assist me in creating an energetic bubble of light to surround my auric field. Thank you!” Image yourself surrounded in a thick bubble of light (see picture above for reference).

Each night as you get in bed say with conscious intention, “I ask my guides to clear all my energy bodies. Thank you!” Take a few deep breaths to assist in the clearing process.

It's that easy!

Much love and many blessings,


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