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Peace Within - Goddess Ishtar Message & Activator

Greetings Beloveds! Are you feeling the magnitude of these times? For me, this has been an intense week of inner struggle. This morning the Goddess Ishtar shared this potent message as a reminder and transmitted this "Peace Within" Activator. May they bring you solace, stillness, and Peace Within your heart, too. Star Light Blessings & Love - Yedyamya

“We are great Warriors, Warrioresses, in the battle of Light and Dark, Good and Evil. Though the distinctions between the two may be less black and white in your day, nonetheless, it is a battle, one that you fight within. For the conditioning of your world is so extreme, that a war is waged within your own heart, a war upon yourself and it is this battle that you must win, that you must become victorious in. It is not a battle that can be won with force and brutality, no, quite the opposite indeed. It must be won with compassion and understanding, for once you can see your own heart in this light, for once you can experience the Love of the Divine Mother for yourself, only then, only then are you able to see others this way from that place of all encompassing love and compassion and awareness that all are children of God/Source, ALL beings are Divine. Even those who have lost their way. We are the Keepers of the Sacred Flame, the Keepers of the Light of Divinity within our own Hearts. You have forgotten this Beloved Sister and Ishtar is here to remind you now. Speak of these things to others for there are many within your circles who are at war with themselves and it is time for peace, peace and LOVE of Self. Let us offer you and your tribe something to soothe the wary soldier for the battles within have raged on far too long. Let us assist you now, retrieve your supplies and we will create with you.” - Goddess Ishtar (May 6, 2022)
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