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NEW Keys - Navigate & Harmonize

The newest KEY to come through is the Navigator. Though it may appear to have less detail than the other KEYs, it was one of the most challenging to draw. The evolution of the design was fascinating to watch as overlayed triangles (hexagrams) turned into completely new geometries when lines (or limitations) were removed - this is important to the energy of this KEY - it can help us see beyond our limitations and assist in transforming our reality into something completely NEW.

KEY Harmonic 3/5. A harmonic is when two or more keys are merged together or "harmonized" to create an enhanced energetic. In this case, KEY 3 (Rings of Truth) & KEY 5 (Flower of Unity Consciousness) have been overlayed. How does it make you feel?

To see the full gallery click here.

***The KEYs will soon be available for download!***

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Next Date: July 16th

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