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My Moment of Awakening

Last week I was telling a dear friend about the most pivotal moment in my awakening…and that moment happened because I lost a beloved soul sister.

Amber and I met in California in our early twenties while working at the same company. On the day we met, she was assigned to train me in the field but instead took me to Venice Beach were we spent the day together talking like long lost friends.

We had only known each other a few weeks when she moved to Arizona. Six months later a turn of events brought me back home to Arizona and our friendship renewed.

After Amber’s son was born she was diagnosed with Lupus, brought on by pregnancy. She started treatment but the side effects became too great for her to manage, and the toll they took on her self-esteem did the most damage of all. She stopped taking her meditations and didn’t tell anyone. Eventually her body started shutting down and she was admitted to the hospital with total renal failure. I was an atheist at this time having had many unsettling experiences with religion throughout childhood. I recall standing at her bedside with another friend who said, “Cindy, I know you don’t believe in God, but please pray for her anyway.” Amber passed away that week.

Two years later I was gifted my first psychic reading. During the reading I was asked if I had any questions, and I immediately asked about my beloved friend. As the reader began to tell me details about Amber, personal details about her and her family, details she had no way of knowing – something started to happen within awakening, a remembrance perhaps, and it was in that exact moment I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we continue on after this body! There is something beyond this physical existence! It completely shifted my trajectory and was the catalyst for my spiritual awakening. It gave me the proof I needed to believe in something I could not see. It gave me Faith. It brought me back to Spirit.

A decade later, during a different reading, Amber came through again with the message that she was watching over and protecting my daughter like a guardian angel (my daughter was 8 months old). Then the reader said, “Amber just blew you a kiss...” and just as I heard those words the most incredible, amazing and loving energy washed through my entire being… I had felt her love from beyond!!!

Do you remember your moment of awakening?

Much love and many blessings to all,


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