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Mission Update: Volcanoes & More!

The third and final week of the Mission took us through the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges and was super packed with lots of assistance from the frozen crystalline water element (aka snow) that blanketed the higher elevations. Here are the highlights...

Mt. Rainier, WA. The skies were clear for the first time in days. The last major eruption of Mt. Rainier was in 1894. While hiking a loop trail this beautiful tree (pictured) called out my name and invited me over. I sat at its base as the Higher Realms brought through the transmission and the tree helped stabilize the energies. A quartz crystal was programmed to help anchor the frequencies and then buried in the stream (pictured). Many quartz crystals have volunteered along the way during this momentous Mission :)

Mt. Saint Helens, WA & Mt. Hood, OR. Mt. Saint Helens' last major eruption was in 2008. I was guided to turn onto an unmarked road about 30 miles west of the mountain to a trailhead that took us along the river's edge. The transmission here was intense, which matched the intensity of the waters flowing from all the rain. This area felt so sad when we first arrived, and after the task completed it sparkled in my mind's eye. Many souls were crossed over here, too. The headwaters of this river start near Spirit Lake on the northside of Mt. Saint Helens.

For the Mt. Hood task the Higher Realms chose a driving route that took several hours and almost encircled the entire mountain. The last major eruption at Mt. Hood happened in1866.

Lava Lands & Pilot Butte, Bend, OR.

In Bend I was guided to hike up Pilot Butte, which has an amazing 360 degree view. In the center of the landing is a large compass showing the mountains and volcanoes within each of the four directions. As the transmission came through I could feel lines of energy flowing out in all directions - it was very powerful! I was able to capture the end on video (see video above).

Located on the north flank of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, what is now Lava Lands was created 7,000 years ago after a volcanic explosion of Lava Butte. A miles-wide sea of jagged lava rock was left behind (and served as a training ground for moon-bound astronauts in the late1960s). We completed two tasks in this area, one of which required climbing atop the snow-covered lava bed directly below Lava Butte (pictured below). (The last eruption of Newberry Volcano happened in 690 AD.)

Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park, CA. This park is located in northeastern California and is only accessible by boat. The views here are stunning and both Mt. Shasta and Lassen Volcano can be seen in the distance. We completed the task a short hike from the deserted boat launch. Of the park's 6000 acres, over two thirds of the area is covered by lava flows. The word Ahjumawi translates as "where the waters come together...." The waters of Big Lake, Tule River, Ja-She Creek, Lava Creek, and Fall River come together here and form one of the largest systems of fresh water springs in the country.

Lassen Volcano, CA & U.S. Route 395. The Lassen Volcanic National Park received 14 feet of snow before our visit and most of the park was closed. The last major eruption here was in 1917. The transmissions began long before we entered the park and continued long after we departed. (Lassen's peak can be spotted behind the trees on the right-side of the first photo.)

The U.S. Route 395 runs south along California's eastern border and briefly took us into Nevada's Reno and Carson City, during which the transmissions were non-stop and super intense. Then it was back into Cali along the Sierra Nevadas for some white-knuckled nighttime driving on black ice through several mountain passes (east of Yosemite National Park) and on through the Long Valley Caldera, which is adjacent to Mammoth Mountain and one of the Earth's largest calderas, measuring about 20 mi long, 11 mi wide, and up to 3,000 ft deep. (A caldera is a large volcanic crater, especially one formed by a major eruption leading to the collapse of the mouth of the volcano.) The next day we continued along route 395 into the Mojave Desert passing Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley and Coso Volcanic Field (which is next to a naval weapons center). The transmissions this day were also intense and non-stop.

Joshua Tree, CA. When Spirit said Joshua Tree was to be the final destination and required an overnight stay I assumed we were going to Joshua Tree National Park. However, upon arriving in the park and checking out the campsites it didn't feel right. I was guided to talk to a fellow camper who spontaneously told me about a dispersed camping area a few miles north of the city in a dry lake bed. Just as the sun was beginning to set I drove onto Sunfair Dry Lake. There were many campers along the periphery of the lakebed but Spirit took me into the very center (pictured). We got right to the task as the high winds shook the car. It was a massive transmission that finished just as the sun disappeared behind the mountains. The Higher Realms said the task would continue throughout the night until the sun rose again. I slept in the car in the middle of the dry lake. The next morning as the sun was about to crest the mountains Spirit said it was time to close the circle as the task was complete. Soon I was back on the road and headed home. About 40 miles outside of Joshua Tree along an old route through the beautiful desert mountains I was told to pull over and get out of the car. It was here that the Beings of Light danced, clapped and sang through me in a joyous roadside celebration. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

This Mission took 23 days through mostly inclement weather. It has been the most intense (and exhausting) Work to date with almost continuous transmissions while driving the 4800+ miles and making many, MANY stops along the way in Divine Service to All Life of Earth.

I am tired ya'll!!!


In Deep Gratitude,

Yédyamya & The Higher Realms

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