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Mission Update: Elemental Assistance in Pac NW

The elements have been working overtime supporting this Mission. When the Higher Realms told me all this crazy weather in the Pacific Northwest was actually helping us I wanted to know more. They said the rain and wind are helping to clear the land, both physically and energetically, which creates openings for the energies transmitted to anchor at the deepest levels with the least amount of resistance. Thank you elements!!!

We've traveled well over 2500 miles as of this writing. This week much was accomplished and during a day of coastal driving the transmissions came in non-stop for 7 hours! Here are the highlights:

After a weekend of rest in Salem, OR I headed back to the coast. As soon as I got on the road the sun came out and this gorgeous double rainbow appeared. I had to use the pano setting to get it all in one frame :)

Northern Oregon Coastline. The entire drive along Oregon's coastline was non-stop transmissions. Severe wind warnings were in effect during this time so when the Higher Realms had me pull off at a scenic overlook and climb the rocks to complete a transmission I did so with extreme caution.

Lake Quinault, WA. Not long after crossing the border into Washington I was guided to take the turn-off for the Quinault Rain Forest and led to the world's largest Spruce tree, which is believed to be about 1000 years old and over 190 ft tall. I was told there was an exchange to be made. This elder tree is spectacular and invited me into its roots for the exchange, which felt like a giant hug and touched my heart deeply.

Beach 3, Kalaloch, Olympic Peninsula, WA. On an early morning drive along the coast I was guided to stop at this wyld beach. It was a bit of a steep decent from the side of the highway where the car was parked, and oh so worth it! I sat upon the rock facing the incoming tide for the transmission, and though I trust Spirit always has my back I definitely kept one eye open as the waves got closer and closer.

The Duncan Cedar, Olympic Peninsula, WA. As I continued north along the 101 highway I was again guided to turn off and "pick up a package" from the world's largest Cedar tree. The Olympic Peninsula has the highest number of gargantuan trees contained into the smallest area in the whole world. The only way to get to this tree is by taking old logging roads into the heart of the forest. This forest was replanted in 1981, but the Elder Cedar is well over 1000 years old.

Cape Flattery, Olympic Peninsula, WA. This is the northwesternmost point of the contiguous United States, where the Strait of Juan de Fuca joins the Pacific Ocean. There are several underwater volcanoes off the coast in this area. The sky was clear and the sun was out (one of the only days without rain in two weeks). This place is magical and pictures fail to capture the true beauty held here. We transmitted all over this area and much was accomplished. Bald Eagles made an appearance, too!

Sauk & Suiattle Rivers, Darrington, WA. A convergence of two rivers located in the center of a triangle formed by Mount Baker, Mount Vernon and Glacier Peak. Mt. Baker and Glacier Peak are listed as high threat of eruption. The rain was pouring down. Two guardian trees and four portal keeper trees assisted with this task. Afterward many souls from this land (people and animals) were crossed over.

I've spent the past couple nights at a dear soul sister's home resting and preparing for what's to come. Tomorrow it's back on the road heading south to the volcanic mountains of the Cascades.


If you would like to support this Sacred Earth Work and be a part of this monumental mission, please considering making a donation (any amount helps) or purchasing an offering. Your donations and purchases help offset the cost of gas and travel expenses.

Star Light Blessings & Love Love Love,

Yédyamya & The Higher Realms

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