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Mission Update - CA & OR Coast

It's been a full week since embarking on this latest mission and much has been accomplished! The weather has been absolutely crazy with heavy rain, wind gusts, trees falling, and surfs cresting the roads. Spirit is keeping me safe and out of harms way (so many examples of this). Sleeping in the car is becoming an art form. Here are a few of the places we have Worked in the last week.

Yuma, AZ (US Army Proving Grounds). As soon as I entered the Gila Mountains east of Yuma the transmissions began in full force, and continued until well beyond the California border. Yuma is home to the US Army Proving Grounds (which conducts developmental testing on nearly every piece of equipment in the ground combat arsenal and has the longest overland artillery range in the nation). The energy was super intense and the transmissions lastest the entire length of the drive through the mountains, city of Yuma, and well into California.

Point Conception/Santa Barbara Channel, CA. Each day I look at a map and Spirit chooses the area where to go next. Occasionally the exact location cannot be reached. Point Conception was on private land so we ended up just north at Jalala Beach. In 2015 there was an oil pipeline leak in the Santa Barbara Channel and the effects are still visable today. Here we transmitted while walking the rocky beach and at one point I was shin-deep in the water clapping and singing the languages.

Fortuna, CA. In the last 365 days there have been 6,560 earthquakes in northern California, and 19 of those have been M4+. The largest was a 6.4 magntitude on Dececember 20, 2022 that hit just off the coast. Fortuna has had 277 quakes in the last 30 days and the perfect place to meet up with my soul brother from that area. The day I arrived there was a severe wind warning in effect with rain. We were guided to the Eel River and found a small trail that led down to the water which helped shield us from the wind while we brought through the Work. (Thank you to my dear friend for gifting me a hotel room for 2 nights!!!!)

Crescent City, CA. About 30 minutes south of Crescent City just off the 101 highway is a small beach and one of my favorite places along the coast. The Beings here have been calling to me since before I left Arizona so I knew this would be a place to go. My soul brother joined me again for this task, which required crossing a stream flowing into the ocean, then traversing a rocky beach with huge storm waves, and climbing up high to the cave's entrance. Due to the storm waves, we did not climb into the cave but rather stayed just at the mouth. This was a huge task and the energy was super intense. When completed Spirit referred to this place as The Cave of Light :)

(R&L: Yellow arrow pointing to Cave of Light, C: Looking down at mouth of cave.)

Lincoln City, OR. Driving the coast of southern and central Oregon the transmissions were non-stop. There were several times I had to pull over and allow the transmissions to flow in their fullness with eyes closed and hands signing. This makes for a loooong day of travel in the rain. When I arrived in Lincoln City I met up with a soul sister and we walked to the beach for Work. The sun came out and the rain took a break for this task! It was the first day I have seen full sun since leaving Arizona. After this it was time to head inland and stay with friends for a couple days of rest.

Today I head back to the coast and continue upward towards Washington's Olympic Penninsula and the northwestern most point of the United States.

***If you would like to help support this monumental mission of Sacred Earth Work, please consider making a donation or purchasing an offering. There are many offerings to assist in your awakening process for all budgets.***


Star Light Blessings,

Yédyamya & The Higher Realms

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