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Message from the Inner Earth Councils

I was taken in my etheric body to an Inner Earth city beneath Mt. Kilimanjaro for a Calling of the Councils. All the inner cities of Earth were represented at this gathering. I was asked if the Councils could use my voice to share a message, to which I humbly accepted. This is their message.


“… Time draws near … upon the surface … The Great Event is coming … We gather this day … and have called you here … so that we may speak through you to those upon the surface … We look forward to the day when the peoples of Inner Earth can once again live among the surface dwellers … in harmony and balance … in co-creation … without fear of persecution or annihilation … This Time is coming … when the Inner Realms upon the Earth will be revealed … where the two worlds will merge and become One … There is much excitement within these inner cities … So many more inner cities exist around your world … in those locations that are high power spots … but also in others that are unknown … And we would say that the civilizations within the Earth outnumber those upon the surface … and yet we have found balance, we have found harmony, we have discovered how to live synergistically, symbiotically with this Being whom you know as Earth. Whom we remember as Terra, embodied with the Soul Essence of Gaia … an aspect of the Great Mother of All Life. Many changes are approaching. These initially may be frightening or uncomfortable. Remember to stay strong in the Truth within you, that the Earth is evolving and with Her, All Life. We thank you for your time, for time is indeed precious upon this planet. Make the most of your time. Engage in those activities that feed and nourish you on all levels, that spark the gratitude, and joy and love within you. We will leave you now. We will disengage our energy stream so that you may return to full consciousness and share this message with those who have ears that hear … The Event is fast approaching in your current time-space continuum. We hold a field throughout the Earth to stabilize her delicate infrastructure for that which fast approaches. Heaven is coming to Earth. It is already on its way.

Love, Gratitude & Star Light Blessings to All - Yédyamya

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