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Updated: Feb 8, 2022

We had ANOTHER AMAZING "Do You Hear the Call?" Sacred Circle Group Intensive today. WOW!!! If you have the heart call, please add your Light to this meditation and join us in Service as we bring in higher consciousness and Create a Field of ONENESS & DIVINE LOVE Around the Earth.

If you would like to join with community to receive healing, transmissions, attunements, and guidance from the Higher Realms to increase your capacity to hold more Light in Service to All Life, check out the upcoming opportunities below or click Events.


HOW CAN WE SUPPORT YOU in 2022? The Higher Realms are standing by to assist and support you in navigating the unprecedented energies this year offers in our journey of Becoming. Click the links below for more information.

  • Star Light Healing Session - 60mins - Connect to your Divine Self and Highest Teams in Spirit to receive a beautiful and unique healing experience just for you! (Enter promo code "2022:111" at checkout and receive $44 off.)

  • Activations / Energy Tune-Ups - 20mins - Receive Activations (energetic transmissions) from the Higher Realms that will activate dormant potentials within your energy structures to assist you in your own awakening, and to assist you in acclimating to the New Energetics that are now available on Earth. (PREREQUISITE: Star Light Healing Session)

  • Personal Star Families Message - Receive a 15min recorded audio message from your Star Families. This is an affordable way to connect with your crew in the Higher Realms, experience the language of your Star Families, and receive what you most need in the moment to support your highest good and greatest potential.

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