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Master Key #12

Introducing Key #12 - The Sun-Star Gate, also known as The Master Key. This Sacred Tool has assisted the many Divine Service missions completed over the last year, and has served as the anchor point for group Intensive events.

Today the Master Key spoke, and the Higher Realms shared how to personally Work with this Geometry. To listen to this channeling please watch the video (transcript below).



An opportunity not to be missed!!! Jennifer Lynn is an AMAZING Celtic Shaman and my personal practitioner for over a decade. I am so excited for you to meet her and learn about the connection between the Soul, the Self and the Oran Croí (the Heart Song) and be taken on a Mystic's Journey into Your Heart! Click here for more info and RSVP.

Are you ready to accelerate your awakening process and step up your ability to be of Divine Service to All Life? Intensives are an interactive and affordable way to do the deep inner Work that is being asked of us while gathering within Sacred Community. Click here for more info and to register. Pricing options available.

IN PERSON 4-Day INTENSIVE & SACRED SITE TOUR of GLASTONBURY, STONEHENGE & AVEBURY! We are so excited to offer our first in person Soul Tribe Gathering & Intensive! Click here for more information -- this event is almost full!



The Key: “I AM a doorway. A gatekeeper. A portal to the Stars through the Suns of Earth’s lineage and beyond.”

The Higher Realms: “This Key, this Master Geometry, is a portal to the Suns, to the Stars, to the Light. We suggest working with this Key, this Geometry, by imagining, envisioning yourself in the very center, in the very core. Seeing this symbol surrounding you. Feeling the radiance of the Sun that shines upon your world as you FEEL yourself within (the symbol). Let yourself, allow yourself to become like the Sun - Radiant and Bright! Holding this Light, this awareness, this image while held within this Geometry will greatly assist you in your journey of Becoming, of Awakening, of Remembering! The Light is intelligent. It knows what to do for YOU to assist you and to uphold your Highest Good. Allow yourselves to receive the Light for it is Divine! Meditate with this symbol through this process as has been described herein and as you do FEEL, SENSE, IMAGINE, SEE anything that dims your Brightness dissolving away in the Light that YOU radiate from within. It is time to know who you are from the deepest levels of your Being beyond all time and space. And so it is!”

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