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Loving Self through the Unknown - A Message of Support

It has been an intense week for me and I know the same for many of you. May you feel comforted by today's message from the Star Families.

Channeled June 25, 2020

" ... Greetings once again Beloved Peoples of this Earth Plane ... Many of you are experiencing emotional and physical upheaval personally at this time of great purge. Know that we are here to support you at this time Beloved Ones. Remember, though the difficulties in the moment may seem great, the more you can allow and trust in the process the easier the ride will be. Loving self through every moment without judgement is what is required Dear Ones. Loving self as you would a young child discovering their own emotions and feelings. Allow the uncomfortability in the unknown and soon you will feel lighter within because you have allowed what has been buried for so long to be revealed and released. Call upon us, your Beloved Star Families, to hold you at this time in sacred and loving space. Allow us to comfort you and know that you are never alone. We are always with you. Namaste."

Artwork: Cosmic Heart by Willow Arlenea

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