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Loving Self in the Badlands

At the end of March, when Spirit asked me to take the name Yedyamya Star Light, they told me I would soon be required to completely disconnect from all electronic frequencies and social interactions, and go into a state of interconnectedness. I was shown an image of me camping though the when, where, and how long was yet to be revealed.

Just over a month passed before more details came through. In two weeks' time I was to leave Arizona and travel into the northern New Mexico desert. The exact location still a mystery. In the interim I prepared and elevated my vibration as much as possible.

When I looked at a map of New Mexico my attention was immediately drawn to the northwest corner. An online search quickly discovered the Bisti Badlands, and more specifically, Angel Peak. I felt that was exactly where I needed to go, but I had to laugh as solo camping in the Badlands didn't exactly sound like a good time. However, as I have learned repeatedly, Spirit knows better than I what is required for my unfolding.

When I came upon a secluded campsite on the canyon edge, I was astounded by the beauty of the landscape and immediately felt my energy expand. For five days and nights it was my home... just me, the Land and Spirit.

To say my time in the Badlands was transformational is an understatement. It was priceless and profoundly healing, I am forever changed. Perhaps the most astonishing realization was how much fear and grief I had carried completely unbeknownst and deeply, deeply buried. Day after day the releasing and healing continued intermingled with the most loving and supportive energies, messages from Spirit, and states of absolute Bliss.

Of the many, many lessons received in self-awareness, I share two very personal experiences. The first when I awoke in the middle of the night to a very full bladder. I laid there gazing at the star-filled sky for quite a while not wanting to leave the warmth of my bed despite the ever growing pain. Then very loudly I heard Alcazar* speak about loving self, which sparked a realization of what self-love truly encompasses. How often had I negated the needs of my own body because I was too tired, too cold or some other excuse? (Thank you, Alcazar. My bladder thanks you, too!)

The second happened while resting. As my thoughts played mind games I began to love the thoughts and started repeating out loud, "I love you." At some point I heard myself say, "I love you Cindy," which surprised me. When I consciously said, "I love you Yedyamya," I immediately heard, "That is NOT my name!" I realized my inner child felt abandoned by the name change, as if I wanted to forget about her. We then began a very beautiful dialogue that resulted in both of us feeling included, appreciated, loved and excited to embrace the new.

Upon returning home from the desert my guides came through with this short message to share:

"Commit to yourself to take more frequent time off to be with Self. As the world begins to come back online after this global shutdown, it will be very important to take time out for Self just as you have been mandated to do (lockdown) at this time in your history. Remember this - take time for Self above and beyond your daily meditation practice ... time to unplug from all inputs!"

So I ask, will you make this commitment with me? Can you love yourself enough to make time and space for your Self? You don't need to go camping in the desert, in fact, you don't even need to leave your home. The only requirement is committing to yourself, loving yourself enough to go within and discover where you're holding on to the old ... to the past, to limited beliefs, to repressed emotions, to whatever is keeping you from the Truth of Who You Are ... and then setting it free and letting it go, creating space for more of your Essence, more of your Divinity, more of your Light, more of the Love that you Are, to be received, to be embodied, and to SHINE through you. Will you join me?

Cover Photo: Sunrise in the Badlands; Top Photo: Sunset in the Badlands; Bottom Photo: View of Angel Peak from camp

Yedyamya Star Light is a Stargate Facilitator and Channel for the Higher Realms. To learn more click here.

(*Alcazar is a group of Universal Masters who gifted the Stargate Experience to humanity through Pragreet Harris in 1989. For more information click here.)

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