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Love the is your partner on this journey

(Channeled 6/8/19) Greetings Dear Ones, we bring you another message of Hope and Love through this Beloved Channel. We, the Sirian Masters of Light, do introduce ourselves at this time. We come to you with a message to uplift your hearts and ease your minds, to soothe the soul. During these auspicious times we cannot stress enough the importance of self-care and self-awareness. Listen to your bodies Dear People of Earth, listen to the call within and take action. This call could be to get more rest, or you may be called to a distant location. You are being guided for your highest good, for the benefit of not only yourself, but the benefit of all. How can I do this you ask? By paying attention to the subtle nudges and quiet voices within. To be present in each and every moment and pay attention to the guidance you are receiving. This guidance comes from many sources on your planet and from the Stars. Pay attention Dear Ones, open your eyes and look for the messages that surround you. It is not difficult, only takes a small amount of practice to be amazed at how much of life is communicating with you. What animals cross your path? What trees provide you with shade? What relationships surround you? How do you feel when you are outside vs. inside? How do you feel with each person you encounter? How do you feel when listening to a particular piece of music? How do you feel when you see a certain color? Your world is constantly communicating with you…and your body is constantly receiving information - are you listening to your body? Are you honoring your body’s needs? Are you being present for yourself?

Take time to tune-in and ask your body what it needs in this moment. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and fully exhale. Repeat this again. Now, place one hand on your heart and one on your belly. Take another deep breath in and hold it for a moment before fully exhaling, releasing all tension in your vessel. Ask your body, “What do you need in this moment?” and pay attention Beloveds. The answer may come as a word, an image, or a feeling. You could get a knowing of what is needed, or you may get no immediate response. Trust that whatever way you receive a response is perfect for you, and if no response comes immediately, Trust it will come to you, and be open to the possibility it will present itself in an unknown way.

Dearest Ones, you are multidimensional beings having a physical existence. Your body, your physical vessel is part of this experience, it is your partner on this journey – and it loves you without judgment. Can you love your body without judgment? Can you listen to its needs and love it as you love your spirit? Can you give it as much attention as you do your spiritual studies? You are in partnership Beloveds, you and your physical structure are in this together; honor and respect this vessel that gives your multidimensionality a physical anchor. It is a miraculous site to behold! Fall in love with your form that carries you on this journey…that provides the platform for experiential understanding of the physical world…you have lived many lives without a physical form, it is a great honor to be bestowed a body, a vessel; treat it with respect and reverence. Your body is a loyal companion on this Earth adventure, and it seeks to be heard, to have a two-way communication with you. Honor the needs of the body.

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