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Know Thyself!

Greetings Beloveds! This month has been a continuous deep internal process, and I know so many of you are experiencing same. The White Brotherhood* share this 20min transmission reminding of the importance of our internal work. I recommend listening to the audio track link below to receive the energetics before reading the transcript. (*The White Brotherhood is a collective of Ascended Masters that serve humanity. Also known as the Great White Brotherhood. When the collective was named thousands of years ago Great implied a large collection, White implied purity of soul and ambition, and Brotherhood implied a group joining together with one aim.)

Much love and many blessings to All,



"(Star language to 2:39) All factions and divisions must reconcile. We must ALL work together on behalf of the Light within each of us. We must not allow hatred to burn and to stoke the fires of rage. We must, each of us, go within to tend to our own hearts, to tend our own gardens. For if we tend to Self all conflict will end, for all conflict begins within. Your outer world will continue to reflect your inner turmoil until you tend your own garden, until you find that which seeks to destroy from within. You must face your own demons to discover that they are not outside of you, they are within. You must love ALL parts of Self. You must love your own demons free. For nothing in your outer world will change for it is a mirror you see; as within, so without, as above, so below. Know Thyself!

If each of you would put your energy and attention into knowing Self, if you could divert your attention from outside of Self and turn your gaze inward, humanity and indeed all of existence would take a quantum leap forward in evolutionary consciousness. Know thyself! Turn over all the rocks within your internal garden Dear Ones. What is hiding from view? Shine your Light within and love yourselves free, for only then will humanity truly ever evolve. For if you have no Oneness within, if you are fragmented, fractured within, there can be no Oneness without. Know Thyself Dear Ones! You must become whole. You must UNIFY within your Being. You must LOVE within your Being. You must ACCEPT within your Being.

You have been taught to seek outside of Self for answers, for healing. Imagine what your world would be like if you were taught to look within from an early age. Your society has been created to distract you from the truth of who you are. If you truly want to be of service, if that is your heart's desire, then you must reconcile those inner struggles, the division within you. You must allow yourself access to that which you have buried so far deep into your subconscious. There are many who are here as healers in service to humanity to assist individuals in finding their way. There are many tools to be of assistance to Know Thyself. It is not that it is required to do it on your own, to go at it alone. Seek assistance if necessary, and in fact, we suggest that assistance is very helpful in knowing Self when another person can hold the space for you to access deep levels of your Beingness.

But any discord you are experiencing in your life you have created. Any unhappiness you experience have come from your own choices. It is time Beloved People to take responsibility for Self. If each of you upon this beloved and beautiful planet would put your energy and focus, attention and your time into knowing yourselves, unplugging from the myriad of distractions that most are entangled in, you would manifest a world of peace based in love and light and unity so quickly. Change always starts from within, for these words "be the change you wish to see in the world" rings true Beloved Ones. It must start on an individual level. And those who are feeling defeated at this time are not looking within.

There are so many who are as you say "awakening" at this time upon your planet. You are here to guide them within. That is the Lightworker's duty, that is the mission, to Light the Way. You are the lighthouse in a stormy sea. And so the best way for each of you to be of service, and for all those who may hear these words, the best way for you to be of service is to KNOW THYSELF. To cultivate ONENESS within Self. To dissolve all separation, judgment, fear, hatred, blame. Create the world that you wish to see within you, and then it will manifest all around you. We are the White Brotherhood*."

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