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Into the Unknown - My Personal Journey

Since my first experience in 1998, I think every reading, channeling, or the like I've ever received has mentioned the need to TRUST. Sometimes it was repeated over and over. TRUST. TRUST. TRUST. Now that I seek guidance from within, that theme continues. Looking back over the years my understanding of what I needed to TRUST, or my perspective on what I thought I needed to TRUST at the time, differed depending on the phase of my awakening.

This past year I have TRUSTed wholeheartedly my intuition and guidance. As a result, I have experienced many amazing and wonderful adventures, and uncovered deeply-rooted fears and limiting beliefs.

A few days before the Stargate intensive this past July, my guidance said it was time to fully commit to this path - no more walking in both worlds, it is time to go all in. I agreed but I didn't really have a clue what that meant, I thought it was about leaving my job in corporate and finally trusting that I would be supported by the Universe in service. Oh silly human!

The day after the intensive ended I was told it's time to leave Phoenix, my home for most of my life, and go into the mountains for an indefinite period of time. I needed to let go of all attachment - old relationships, my job, my apartment... and even my daughter for a time being, and go into the mountains for training in the higher realms. All this without a savings account. Oh, and one more thing. It was made crystal clear there is no going back after this, nothing will be the same.

To say I've been in an emotional wave pool since would be an understatement. Feelings of abandoning my child were the most crippling. And yet, I knew with every ounce of my Being that this is required, this is the next step for me, this is what I have been asking for. Spirit, help me let go of the old ways so I can create something completely new.

And so here we are. Today was the last day at my office job. This week I pack up my apartment and move my daughter to her father's home. Next week I head off indefinitely into the unknown, into this initiation of TRUST in complete surrender to my Divine Self. See you on the other side!

Much love and many blessings to All,


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