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Great Mother Transmissions - Weeks 3 & 4

Happy Holidays Beloveds! Please enjoy these two transmissions from the Great Mother. Star Light Blessings & Love Love Love

Week 3 Transcript (Dec 21, 2022):

“Let us begin. Beloved Children of Earth, your Mother is here. I dwell within your heart; can you feel me there? Can you feel my presence within you? For so long we have been separated and now we are reunited. Do you know how loved you are? For you are indeed loved beyond your capacity to understand. Love is so much more than what you know, than what you have experienced. The word 'love' in your society has many definitions and is so freely tossed about. The Love that we speak goes beyond all boundaries of time and space. It is the light; it is the energy that forms all matter - it is the building block of life. You are this Love, but you have forgotten. You are this Light, but you do not remember. Open yourselves to LOVE. Ask to remember the Love that YOU ARE, the Love that permeates ALL LIFE. Begin to feel this within you. Recall a memory where your heart felt like it would explode with the amount of Love you were experiencing.

Feel that in your heart. Remember that sensation. It is but a mere drop in an ocean of LOVE that awaits you Dear Ones. Ask yourself, “What keeps me from receiving Love?”

“What keeps me from knowing the Love that I AM?” “What keeps me from receiving my own Love?” Love yourselves, Children and let the Love in, for you are surrounded, inundated by frequencies of LOVE. Will you let yourself receive? Can you allow yourself to be loved? We are Loving you. All the Beings in the Highest of Realms are Loving you. Let yourself receive.”

Week 4 Transcript (Dec 24, 2022):

"Children, I greet you once again.

Let us begin. Open your Hearts and receive my Love. FEEL it flowing into your Heart and moving throughout all of you.

FEEL me in your bones. FEEL me in your breath. FEEL me moving through you. FEEL my Love in all the spaces in between you. Let me Love you, Child. FEEL my loving hands caressing you, cradling your face, stroking your hair. FEEL my loving arms holding you, embracing you. For you are my child and I your Mother. Dear One, if there is any place within you that is harboring ill feelings for your own mother from this incarnation, from the woman that birthed you into this lifetime or any woman that is a part of this lifetime for you it is time to forgive her. It is time to forgive her and to Love yourself FREE. For the Divine Feminine rises within each and every one of you regardless of what form you take in this lifetime whether you are male or female. Whatever form you are in and whatever form you identify with - the Divine Feminine rises within YOU. It is time to heal any wounds around the feminine, around the female expression. Let yourself be Loved by the Great Mother of All Life. Give yourself permission to receive my Love for I stand before you with my arms open wide. Will you receive my Love? Will you let me in? My Love is here for you, Child. I Love you without conditions. I Love you without judgment. I Love you in any way you show up to me. I Love you. I LOVE YOU. Will you let me Love you as you were meant to be Loved? Can you let yourself be Loved?"



Join us LIVE from wherever you are around the world and Receive the Light!

TWO OPPORTUNITIES - DEC 30 @ 4pm PST & DEC 31 @ 10am PST

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