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Great Mother Transmissions - Week 2


Let us begin

Blessed Children, I greet you once again

FEEL your Mother around you now

FEEL your Mother within you now, for Dearest Children, I live inside of YOU

I AM a part of YOU

YOU ARE a part of ME

FEEL this within you, FEEL me within you

Open yourself to receive my loving embrace, for Dear Children, so many of you are closed off to my Love

So many of you have shut down your ability to receive Divine Love

Open yourselves to Love, Dear Ones!

Open yourselves to the Love of the Great Mother of All Life

All Life, Dear Children, is created from my Love

It is woven into the fabric of existence

FEEL, Dear Ones

So many of you have shut down your ability to FEEL

It is time, it is time to FEEL again, Dear Ones

It is time to FEEL the Love that YOU ARE flowing through you, surrounding you, moving you

Can you open yourselves to this Love?

Can you let my Love in?

What keeps you from receiving Love, my Children?

Do you know?

It is time to ask the question.

Even if you feel you are open to receiving the Love of the Great Mother of the Divine

Ask yourself, “What keeps me from receiving Love?”

I am with you, Dear Children, I am with you ALL

It is time to FEEL

Repeating out loud Dear Ones, “I AM LOVE. LOVE IS WHO I AM.”



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