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Great Mother Transmission, New Key & Birthday Wish

New Key: Chuntu Wasi

The energies of the Pyramid & Chakana (Incan Cross) bridge Heaven and Earth.

For the past several weeks I've been receiving transmissions called "Keys" (to see the full gallery click here). Each one is a technology that acts as a doorway to the Heart - to the Core of Creation.


Transcript: "The Great Mother of All Life addresses Her children. As your upcoming Lions Gate Approaches instruct your cellular structures to receive the maximum amount of Light that you can safely withhold to activate your greatest potential and support your highest good. In the days leading up to this Great Galactic Portal spend time in nature communing with the elements and honoring those elements that live within you, celebrating the Oneness of All Life! Asking that what you receive on behalf of your highest good and your highest potential be received for All Life, be received on behalf of All Life. Know that we are with you Dear Ones. Tune into your Sacred Hearts Dear Ones and ask your Heart Portals to open and receive all the Love of the Divine that is available to you in this moment, in every moment. Feed yourselves, nourish yourselves Dear Ones. Many of you are running on fumes. Your tanks are half-empty or less. Tap into the resources available to you in every moment to prepare yourself for what is coming." Recorded July 15, 2022


Earlier this year when I declared I wanted to experience something memorable in August to celebrate my 50th birthday, I could not have imagined what was coming!!! During June's Solstice I was given a Divine Mission to travel extensively over the next two years - and I needed to get to Peru as soon as possible. It has been a wyld ride getting all the logistics sorted to travel out of the country with short notice, gathering all the gear needed for such a trek, ensuring my teenager has everything ready for 8th grade, and working two jobs to help fund this adventure!

Monday I depart to South America for 33 days of trekking the holy mountains and lakes as a conduit for the Higher Realms assisting the Great Awakening of Earth; liberating kundalini energy held within the spinal column (or mountain chains) of the planet, recoding and reprogramming the Divine Blueprint of Earth back to its Original Design, and unlocking and activating dormant energies of Higher Consciousness seeded within the planet. We have much Work to do!

During this epic adventure I will be turning the BIG 50!!! For my birthday wish, I ask you to please consider supporting this Work. There are several ways you can assist:

  • Make a monetary donation to help with the necessary costs and travel expenses for this epic task (any amount is greatly appreciated:)

*Personal PayPal Account

*Website Donation Page

*Venmo: @Cynthia-Parker-53

  • PREPAY for a One-on-One Session(s) at the discounted rate $122 ($33 off) - no limit to number of prepay sessions purchased and can be gifted to another. I will contact you by email at the end of August when I return from traveling to schedule your session with dates in September and onward.

  • Follow the Work by Subscribing to our website and you'll receive updates, event info, channelings and more

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  • Share the Work with your Tribe – word of mouth referrals help so much!


Star Light Blessings & Love Love Love to All,


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