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Great Mother Speaks - Your Light is Needed Dear Ones, It Is Time

Greetings Beloveds. For the past week I have been receiving daily messages about how important it is to SHINE OUR LIGHTS and RADIATE THE TRUTH WITHIN OUR HEARTS. Please watch and read the messages below, YOU ARE NEEDED. THE TIME IS NOW!

On October 2, 2022 I was guided once again to my favorite local park to watch the sunrise. This beautiful transmission from the Great Mother of All Life came through, as well as many galactic greetings and a message from the High Councils of Light.


"Embrace the Light within you. Like the Great Sun as it rises from its sleep Illuminating the day. Turning night into Light. Ignite that Light within you. Wake it from its slumber. And ask it to SHINE BRIGHT without fear. Let your Light SHINE! Feel the Light within you. You are the Sun. You are the Sun. Turning night into Light. Embrace this Truth within you.

SHINE my children, SHINE! We Are One. We Are One"

At 6mins in the High Councils of Light greet us all to AWAKEN the Truth Within and help us to REMEMBER who we are:

"This was a “Greetings!” from the High Councils of Light. Remember who you are. Dear Ones, Remember who you are. Ask for the Truth within you to be revealed. Ask the Light within you to Illuminate that which is hidden. To reveal your Truth at the depth of your core

So that you may KNOW, so that you may KNOW who you are and why you have come here.

Your Light is Needed Dear Ones, it is time. It is time to know who you are. It is time.

We leave you. We love you. We are you. We Are One."

A message from "The Grandmother" quartz crystal:

This week while sitting in meditation this lovely quartz crystal, which I endearingly call "The Grandmother", called out to me and said...

"I have a message for your Light Tribe - REMEMBER THE LIGHT YOU CARRY WITHIN!

REMEMBER to call up on this Light when you feel off-center and illuminate that which is discordant within.

REMEMBER this Light within and consciously radiate as you go about your daily activities.

BE THE LIGHT in every moment. Uncover your own BRILLIANCE and SHINE!"

NEXT EVENT is OCT 5 @ 10am PT:

"This is a vital preparatory step for all those 'in the know'".

The Higher Realms have asked me and Lowell Johnson (aka Starbuck) to gather the Tribe to disseminate information and bring through an activation transmission that is a preparation step to that which will be shared on November 19, 2022 (more details and registration info coming soon).

If you are not able to join us live, PLEASE join on the replay - in the Quantum Field there is no time and no space - all is happening in the NOW. A replay will be sent out as a blog post and also available on YouTube.

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