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Great Central Sun Transmission, New Keys & Update

Greetings Beloveds! We are gifted with a highly activating transmission and two new Keys, enjoy!!


Key #5 - Flower of Unity Consciousness & Key #6 - Map of the Cosmos

The first image, Key #5 - Flower of Unity Consciousness, was received 8/14/22 while I was in Peru. The second image, Key #6 - Map of the Cosmos, was received 8/31/22.

If you are called, gaze at the Keys and ask to connect with them for your Highest Good and Greatest Potential. They are amazing tools for healing and awakening! To see the full gallery of click here.


Codes from the Great Central Sun - Star Language Transmission & Activation

This morning I was guided to watch the sunrise during which this beautiful and highly activating Star Language transmission came through from the Great Central Sun to gift us all with codes for 'Becoming a Sun upon the Earth shining the Light of the Divine'.

At the end a lovely message is shared to remind us WE ARE ALL ONE!

Transcript of Message:

"Blessings of the Great Central Sun upon All Life.

May you receive these codes within your own Heart.

Becoming a Sun upon the Earth shining the Light of the Divine.

Blessed Peoples of the Earth Plane, we greet you this day and we say Behold!

Behold the Light within you that shines as bright as 10,000 suns waiting to be discovered. May this gift we offer this day lead you Home to the Truth within that you are this Sun, this Sun Star, within a human form.

Remember who you are beyond all time and space!

Remember who you are.

Remember to be kind to your Mother Earth, to treat her with respect and reverence.

To treat your own bodies with respect and reverence.

And to recognize the Interconnectedness between All Life, all life evolving upon this beautiful planet and All Life in the Grand Existence.

Remember children, remember this, you are all Brothers and Sisters, you are all One Family in the Light."



Love & Gratitude for the patience and understanding from those who had their sessions cancelled recently. Occasionally we are given a forced time out. On September 5th I sustained a concussion and other minor injuries. This is the first head trauma I've experienced and it has been a rollercoaster ride. When you take into account the full moon, solar flares, CMEs, 9/9 & 9/10 portals and whatever else was going on in the cosmos this week, we are all probably feeling a bit out of sorts! Today marks a major milestone in recovery with the completion of this blog. Now time to rest... the healing continues (and my scans are clear:)

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