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Floating on the winds of change...

Since the end of 2019 my life has been a whirlwind of adventure, on both the physical plane and in the Higher Realms. My journey the past few years has been to uncover my truth, to open my heart, and to step fully onto my path of service. I am eternally and deeply grateful to my guides, the Star Families, and all my Soul Tribe for their continuous love, support, and encouragement to put myself out there and be seen. Throughout this process I have learned many lessons, had the most magical experiences, and uncovered my truth... I AM Yedyamya Star Light.

Debra Moffitt, an award-winning author and Intuitive, interviewed me recently. We covered a lot of topics, including the recent name change. I invite you to experience the Star Language and higher dimensional beings from beyond our Universe. We had a great time, and the energies that came through were absolutely incredible! Can you feel it?

Much love and many blessings to All,


Facebook: @YedyamyaStarLight

YouTube Channel: Yedyamya Star Light

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