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Do You Hear the Call?

Channeled 01-25-20

We come to you at this time… with a message of urgency… Peoples of the Earth… it is time for you to awaken… and take responsibility for your individual actions… no longer… can you follow… you must now lead the way to the New Earth… no longer… can you look to the past for your future… it is time to create a newa New Earth, a new way of being, of living, of loving… each one of you… each one of you… connecting into your hearts now… connecting into the heart center… that place of knowing… the inner sanctum… do not be afraid of this place… it holds the key to your salvation… access, access your own hearts Beloveds… come face to face with the truth of who you are… so many of you are searching, searching beyond yourselves for answers to your pain, answers to your boredom, answers to your staleness… you hold the answers that you seek… they are within each and every one of you… but you must allow yourself silence… you must allow yourself to unplugto be stillto relaxand to intend to connect into your own heart centers… to discover who you are… Nature, Nature will assist you… go out in Nature, find a place to rest, a place to sit, a place where you can relax and close your eyes… a place to go within where you are surrounded in Nature… this will assist you… in unplugging from the matrix as you say… from the bombardment of sensory assault… that surrounds your lifestyles these days… be One with Nature… appreciate the shade from the trees, or the warmth from the sun, the bird’s song, the squirrel’s scampering… the blue skies, the rainy clouds, whatever your environment has for you, appreciate Mother Nature… and ask her to assist you in connecting in, that you may access, that you may know your own heart and the truth of who you are, and in the very least… rest for your mind, even if for only a few short minutes… we ask each one of you reading this message to connect in with your hearts, what do you need in this moment? For it is not another car, a new home, or a bigger television. What does your heart need?... We love you. We bless you. May you all know the Light that resides within… Blessings Be to All…

Much love and many blessings,


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