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Divine Star Language Transmission for Clarity

The Higher Realms bring through a Divine Star Language Transmission for Clarity (11 mins). This transmission supports us in feeling clearer within so we can hear Spirit's guidance. Relax, close your eyes and allow yourself to receive the vibrational frequencies and tones. (Audio cuts out intermittently, however, the frequencies come through loud and clear.)

What a roller coaster ride the last month has been! When my guides said it was time to get settled after returning home from five months on the road, I assumed that meant putting down roots, finding a new (and long-term) place to live, getting myself out into the world on a full-time basis, etc. And for the past month, day in and day out, I attempted to get settled. And nothing worked out. Not one single thing. Finally, after making myself a bit crazy with it all, I surrendered. I let go of what I thought I was supposed to be doing and remembered. I remembered how Spirit led me in every single moment on my journey. I remembered how I paid attention to the signs and listened for the whispers. And then I got it! Being settled within, within my own being, is what my guides were speaking of. When we are settled within ourselves we'll hear the faint knock at the door that might otherwise goes unnoticed.

Much love and many starlight blessings to All!


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