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Cretan Adventures 2019

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I spent two weeks this September in Greece attending a Stargate Experience. This adventure was another transformational experience for me in the Higher Realms of Consciousness… I am forever changed.

In this newfound expansion I feel a Love unknown to me, an all-encompassing Love that surrounds and permeates All things. This Love is the fabric of existence, the foundational element of All That Is. I am this Love. You are this Love. We all are this Love manifest into physical form for experiential learning in this Earth School. My guides have talked about this Love a lot, and I've experienced aspects of this Love during meditation groups, but now I REALLY get it!

For me, the key to accessing this Love was to love myself enough to become aware of the old ways of being, those self-imposed walls built to protect my heart, that were not serving me any longer. The ego thinks I am safer with these defenses, but in denying access to my own heart I blocked the ability to receive that infinite flow of Love, and the truth of who I Am stayed hidden and denied. And it hurt, a lot, this separation from the Love.

As my awareness grew and I began to let go of these limitations and release the past, the walls of the heart's defenses began to crumble. Layer after layer fell away...until one day I opened myself completely and shamelessly to this Love. This Love that We All Are.

And as my heart expanded in this Love, as the Love permeated every cell of my being, I became anchored in myself and who I Am. I am Love, Manifest. And as I continue to receive this Love that flows infinitely to me, through me, that is Me, I radiate this Love to all those around me.

I have more layers to shed. To quote Jesse J, "I'm still working on my masterpiece..." And this excites me.

Thank you Spirit, bring me more Love💖

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