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(Channeled 8/11/19 in Sedona, AZ)

Beautiful Beloveds of the Earth Tribe, we come to you now, the Beloved Sisters of the Light, to bring you a message through this Beloved channel of the importance of community in this ascension process.  The importance of coming together - like minds and like hearts - to create a stronger energetic of Unity through Love and Peace and Compassion that is spreading throughout your world.  To see it from our vantage point is quite a spectacular sight.  So we call to you Beloved Peoples of the Earth to come together, to come together for food, to come together for meditation, and to come together for sharing.  The size of the group is not important, it is the intention that is set for the purpose of gathering.  There is great power when you gather in Love and Peace and Unity and Compassion and this ripples out through your world and the cosmos.  Come together more often.  Seek out individuals and communities that hold these ideals and vision for what you want to create in your future.  Ask for our assistance Beloveds, we are always here.  We can guide you to those who will resonate with the desire to come from a place of Love.  We will assist you in finding those who are ready to awaken and to create community, to know their tribe, to feel like they belong.  There is a momentous energy building in this time of the Lion’s Gate that will continue to compound through the end of this year and into your New Year.  And so it is quite important to come together and to reach out to others in a sense of community and tribe.  You need not feel alone Beloveds, you need not do this on your own.  We are here to assist you.  Ask for our help and we will guide you in creating opportunities for people to come together or for finding groups that have already been formed.  It brings us great pleasure and joy to communicate with you in this way.  We leave you now in Peace and in Love, always.  Namaste.

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