Changing Perspective

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Channeled 12/09/19:

“Beloveds, the Human Mind, the linear way of thinking, requires understanding of every little detail, but this is not the way that the Universe works, this is not the way of the Quantum, and the more that you can allow the experience to move through you, the less time you spend trying to understand what is happening, and just allow what is happening, the more depth you receive because you are now not only in the mind, but you are engaging all systems. This is the process in which your consciousness is evolving at this time. It is an elevation of vibration, yes, but it is also a rewiring...a new understanding, it is seeing your experiences with new eyes, from a new perspective that is non-limiting. For the mind wants to know why, how, what, and this is very limiting. And so this time in your evolution is about a new way of Being in which you are allowing without having to know why, what or who, but just allowing and experiencing what is coming through for you in each moment --- and this is what is changing your perspective’s, because you are aware that when you have no expectations the possibilities are limitless. It is an expansion of your mind, not just an elevation of your vibration. It is an expansion of your conscious mind that is occurring at this time, and this is why coming together in communities and connecting with like-minded people in these experiences together is so beneficial, because the group dynamic allows you to expand even more so in one setting, and all the participants are connecting into the field at the same time in the expansion, and this is helping to anchor this new way of being in a more concrete manner. Remember that you are multidimensional beings and so the physical experience is only one aspect of your reality, and when you are allowing without limiting the experience, you are engaging your other multidimensional senses to allow for a greater experience.”

I then received a download of information within a few seconds, like a zip file on the computer. This is my interpretation of what

All the wisdom, guidance and energies available to us through the various speakers, channels, teachers, masters, sages, etc. are like puzzle pieces. The information being shared, or pieces of the puzzle, find us when we are ready to receive. It is all about timing. The Panama Canal comes into my awareness as an example. Ships enter a series of Lock Gates which receive water to gradually elevate the ship higher and higher. Once a Lock Gate is complete, the ship reaches a new elevation and the process repeats. Each Lock Gate is important and cannot be skipped. It takes time (and lots of patience) to traverse across the Canal, slowing moving through one Lock Gate to another to reach the final destination.

Following our intuition that guides us to wherever, whoever, and whatever is how we acquire different puzzle pieces, but the goal is not to finish the puzzle. Lots of people get hung up on finishing the puzzle, but they haven’t integrated all the pieces, they haven’t lived it, they haven’t grown with it. They are just collecting pieces because they want to be the first one to say, “I finished my puzzle!” but that’s not what it is about. Don’t be so quick to try to get to the finish line. It’s about being in it, really receiving what it is you are getting, and integrating that, and living that so when the next puzzle piece comes along it interlocks with your previously acquired pieces easily and securely. When we grab all of the pieces too fast the puzzle’s integrity doesn’t hold.

The puzzle is our process of Becoming. When we follow guidance/intuition, allow the experience/energy/emotion, live what we are learning, become what we are receiving, and just Be in the organic flow, our puzzle pieces will interlock and create coherence, creating a unified whole, a multidimensional structure…I see it like a Universe.

I’m reminded of the story of the Tortoise and the Hare…enjoy the ride, check out the scenery, take your time and Be! Find the joy in every moment. It really is about having fun. Let our goal be to see with Eagle vision, the view from high atop the mountain…may we see everything from that vantage point…that expanded state of consciousness…may we all Be in the Joy of Discovery.

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