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Birthplace of the Sun

Guided to the Islands of the Moon & Sun in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia for Lions Gate 8/8🦁

Wowza, the Galactic Portal energies of this Lions Gate were off the charts! On the 6th we had ceremony at Amaru Muru, also known as the Gate of the Gods or The Portal, an hour outside Puno, Peru. The next day we headed to the Bolivian border and found that obtaining a Visa as an American citizen was quite a challenge, but eventually I prevailed!

On 8/8 we started the day with a 90min boat ride to Isla de la Luna (Island of the Moon) to visit the Temple of the Virgins. Legends in Inca mythology refer to the island as the location where Viracocha commanded the rising of the moon. The weather was uncharacteristically moody, and during the task a funnel cloud appeared in the distance!

We had to leave in a hurry because the waves were getting too big for our boat to be docked. After another 90-minute boat ride, this time through rough waters, we arrived on the north side of the Island of the Sun (Isla del Sol). Known as the birthplace of the sun and the Inca bloodline, it is one of the most sacred islands in South America. The only mode of transportation is by foot or donkey. After visiting the sacred sites and completing our task in the north, we were guided to walk Willa Thaki (also known as the Sacred Route of the Eternal Sun and The Inca Trail) which runs north to south along the backbone of the island (4.5 hrs to trek). The 360 degree views were absolutely stunning (more pics to come).

Every day in South America has been full of clearing, transmitting, anchoring, liberating, receiving and feeling immense gratitude for this opportunity to be in Divine Service to All Life🙏🏻

Spirit is giving us a few days on this glorious island to recharge our batteries in preparation for the next task… the Amazon.



This epic adventure would not be possible without YOU!!! Your support helps offset the mucho amount of ongoing travel expenses incurred to carry out this Divine Mission😇

If you would like to support this Sacred Work, please consider making a donation and/or prepaying for a one-on-one session.

Star Light Blessings & Love Love Love from Lake Titicaca,

Yedyamya 🙏🏻💖

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