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Be Open & Your Personal Team

During a group meditation on 11/22/19, we received the following wisdom about staying open-minded to all possibilities. And later in the experience we discovered each of us has a personal energy clearing team eagerly waiting to be of assistance. And so do you!

“We are pleased to join you at this time. We are pleased to be of assistance… we are from far beyond your known Universe, do not fear Dear People, Dear Earth Beings, for we know you! We know you! Feel our words resonating through your bodies, for you have experienced many lifetimes in many galaxies and many civilizations. We do understand that this may be too much for your human brains to accept and that is okay. We only ask that you remain open to all possibilities, in this way you do not limit your ability to be assisted, for those beings whom you call ‘Angels’ are ancient beings who have come to your Earth to assist you just as we come through this channel to assist you. For the Earth is a place of great acceleration of your soul and so there is much support for you in the process. We are in collaboration, in partnership with the Galactic Command, with this group of galactic civilizations that are represented. Many of you have higher aspects of your soul within this organization, too. And it is okay if this is not believable to you, but we say again to be open to all possibilities, for Dearest Ones, at one time on your planet you believed your planet was flat, and that you would fall off the edge! This seems quite ridiculous now, does it not?! Do not limit your existence by adhering to the beliefs that have been implanted in you from those that came before. Each new generation acquires new information, new awareness.”

Then a frequency was brought through to strengthen our energy fields, and that’s when our Personal Clearing Teams were introduced:

“[…] assisting… you to maintain… clear energy centers more easily… for it is very important… each one of you… set your intention daily… to have your energy centers cleared… just with the intention… each of your guides will assist… for you have specific guides that… that clear your energy… but you must ask… freewill… for their assistance… each one of you being cleared right now from your personal team… those beings who have been assigned to you… specifically… to assist… in cleaning your energy centers, your energy body… if you find yourself feeling out of sorts… ask your guides… for a cleaning… for a chakric clearing… balancingwe are eager to assist… thank you for allowing this message to be shared… for we are quite bored and we desire to work!... we are here to help!... we can also… assist in clearing the energy… all around your home… all around your work space… in your vehicle… everywhere Beloveds!... we can help you and in helping you, and you asking for our help, Gaia is helped, the Earth is cleansed…”

Much love, gratitude, and many blessings to All,


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