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Are You Ready for Activation?

March 22, 2020 “Beloved Peoples of the Earth ... your Star Families greet you ... we have asked this Beloved Channel ... to offer Activations on a donation basis so that each one of you that is called ... to receive ... may do so without any financial restrictions ... without any impediments ... We put out this call to assist humanity ... for your Earth is in a great state of change ... and many, many of you ... are ready ... to upgrade if you will ... your current operating systems to be more in alignment with this new frequency, with this New Way of Being ... that is now required ...

As many of you are aware ... the old ways of Being in your societies are crumbling away ... these times of change require a new outlook, they require a new perception, they require a new vantage point from which you can view ... and so we offer you an opportunity to receive energetic transmissions that will activate dormant potentials within your energy structures ... to assist you in your own awakening ... and to assist you in acclimating to the New Energetics that are now available on your Beloved Planet.

These New Energetics, these Higher Frequencies if you will, can assist you very rapidly in awakening your consciousness to be more fully embodied in your physical vessel, to bring more Light into your form, and the more Light that you are able to hold and to anchor within your structure the more contribution you offer to the upliftment of your society and to All of Existence. For as we have said before, and many others have also said, what happens here on your planet ripples out into All of Existence. What happens to you affects every being in All of Existence, for We Are All One. We Are All One In The Heart of Creator, In The Heart of Creator Source Sun.

If our words resonate with you, we ask you to contact this channel to receive the offerings from your Star Family and from the Universe. For there is so much support, so much assistance available to each and every one of you. We thank you for taking the time to hear our words. It is a great honor to connect with you in this way. May the Light of Source be felt within each and every one of your hearts always. May the Love of the Divine infiltrate every cell, every molecule, every atom. Namaste Beloved Ones, Namaste!”

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